Worried About Your Child?

We have a range of Services for Children

Central Lakes Family Services provides a range of services for children and youth which include:
Strengthening Safety Programme (child) “THUMBS UP”
This is for children aged five to 12 who have, or are experiencing family violence and/or living with the impacts of family violence. The programme involves safety planning for the child, and the family, building and identifying support networks, problem solving and space to talk about their feelings and learn they are not to blame for other’s behaviours.
Strengthening Safety Programme (Youth)
This is for anyone over the age of 12 who has, or is, experiencing family violence. The focus of the programme is to identify risk and increase safety for the participant, identify and increase support networks, raise awareness of violence and abuse and the forms and cycles involved, understand the impacts on adults and children, challenge values and beliefs around violence, build self-esteem and self-worth, set healthy boundaries, build new skills around communication and conflict resolution and learn how to set and achieve goals to maintain positive change.
Non Violence Programme (Youth)
This programme is for adults and young people who have been directed by the court (as the respondent of a protection order), or by the Department of Corrections to complete a non-violence programme. The programme is designed to assist those who use violence in their families to learn new skills and strategies for themselves which don’t include violence, and to understand the impact of their behaviour on their partners and children. The programme assists those who are committed and motivated to make some good and positive changes, to have healthier relationships.
Child & Youth Counselling
Counselling is available for children who have been affected by family violence. Counselling offers a safe space to put into words the thoughts and feelings that are inside them and in doing this gain some understanding and control over them. Children are greatly impacted by the trauma of family violence and the impacts can remain with them for life. We use counsellors experienced in working with children around these particular issues.

How we can help

Central Lakes Family Services can support children or are experiencing difficulties with been exposed to family violence, conflict between parents, anxiety, bullying and general support. Please contact us further to discuss further or to book an appointment

  • Services Provided for Children

    Programmes for children and youth exposed to Family Violence

    Safety Planning

    Social Work support for children experiencing anxiety or behaviour issues

    Support for managing bullying

    Counselling for children with high needs or who have experienced trauma in the home

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